Year End Giving Tax Advantage

Fall is here and that means that the year is almost over. For individuals and businesses that have done OK this year, there are tax considerations to think about. If you are thinking about giving to an official 501(c)3 so that you can reduce your tax burden, please consider Pioneer Youth Center.  The youth center will use your donation to impact lives of young people in the great Lake of the Woods. Your gift will help cover operating costs, services provided and even community outreach.

You can give via Paypal, Check or Credit Card.

It's time to give

Giving Doesn’t Only Mean Cash

You can also give real property and you will receive a fair market value tax deduction. We would be happy to tell you about our current needs. Come visit the youth center and check out how you can get involved in changing the lives of youth forever.

You can also find out wishlist on Amazon.


** Pioneer Youth Center is a 501(c)3 public charity. Your gifts are tax deductible. As with any giving please consult your tax professional


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Thank you for your generous contribution.